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A selection of publications my work appears in: mostly newspapers but also organisations or brands. 

Immigrants work in these jobs
Dataviz for Zeit Online
Oh dear, it's spring already
Dataviz and scrollytelling for Zeit Online
Drones in the Ukraine war: They circle, they hunt, they kill
Scrollytelling, infographics for Zeit Online
The Case for Childcare
with Dataculture for Nationswell: storytelling and illustrations
Chartmetric Music Report
with Dataculture for Chartmetric: single datavisualisations
Secret plan against Germany
Storytelling and infographics for CORRECTIV
Party people, lonely souls, self-optimisers: which New Year's Eve type are you?
Illustrations for NZZ
How a company drains Germany's water
Infographic for CORRECTIV
Childcare emergency: How the german system is failing
Visual concept for CORRECTIV
Trading The Fragile
Personal project
How the war in Ukraine is affecting prices and the economy in Switzerland
Animated illustrations for NZZ
Four decades after the first successful treatments, skin engineers are developing a new generation of laboratory skin
Infographic for NZZ
Dementia can be prevented
Infographic for NZZ
For the expected spring offensive, the Ukrainian army has to cross large minefields - how do you do that?
Infographic for NZZ
These technologies will allow us to see, hear and feel the metaverse
Infographic for NZZ
Beach boy, bathing beauty, swimmer (yes, there is a difference!): Which beach type are you?
Illustrations for NZZ
Many people enjoy being woken up by birdsong. But the melody has changed - unfortunately not for the better
Interactive infographic for NZZ
Retirement reform in Switzerland: who wins, who looses?
Illustrations for NZZ
These five aliments show the extent of inflation in Germany
Visual concept and illustrations for NZZ
The taboo subject of fracking: what speaks for and against the use of the controversial technology in Germany
Scrollytelling for NZZ
Only partially secure: German intelligence services insufficiently vet their employees
Illustration and infographic for NZZ
Leopard 2 versus T-90: How do the battle tanks that Russia and Ukraine are sending onto the battlefield work?
Infographics for NZZ
Presidential election in France
Dataviz for NZZ
James Webb Telescope: A deep look back almost to the Big Bang
Infographics and animations for NZZ
How do we protect the climate when the population is growing rapidly?
Dataviz and illustration for NZZ
Battery electric cars are the future. But do we really need to get metals out of the ocean for them?
Infographic for NZZ
Eunice Foote - the unknown pioneer of climate science
Illustration for NZZ
SPD still in first place, grand coalition with majority - the latest polls for the 2021 federal election
Dataviz for NZZ