Thanks to infographics, datavisualisations and illustrations, I assist professionals in the communication of technical, scientific, societal, political subjects... For editorial or marketing purposes.

I’m fond of bold visuals and I like my work to be impactful, colourful and graphic. To me, images tell a story and have the power to spread knowledge as well as giving keys about the world we live in.

How can I help you?

You need to explain something and it's complicated

An image is worth a thousand words. I'll craft a tailored infographic and communicate the idea clearly and in a way that is easy to understand.

You need to visualize numbers and don't know where to start

I'll help you choose the right chart or visualisation form and design a pleasing datavisualization. It can be abstract or functionnal, according to your needs.

You'd like to illustrate an article, a concept or a publication

I'll create an appropriate illustration based on the message that needs to be highlighted.

You have a lot of quantitative and/or qualitative data

I help you find the best way to present it: choosing the right visual form(s) and helping you with the layout.